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Hospital Equipment Solutions

“Without the right background knowledge the purchase of (laboratory) equipment and consumables can be confusing, time consuming and dangerous for patient and staff. Money is wasted when the wrong purchase is made”  W L Johns and M M El-Nageh (World Health Organisation 2000)

We focus on helping hospitals and healthcare institutions  to achieve their capital equipment needs. We do this by assisting in their procurement efforts, by simplifying purchasing and delivery processes and ensuring that all after sales maintenance, preventative maintenance, warrantees and servicing/caliberation needs are adequately assured right from the start.

The medical equipment manufacturers we represent have proven manufacturing credentials and are used in most of NHS hospitals in the United kingdom. The equipment are certified to EU standard. Installation, servicing, maintenance and warrantee execution are carried out locally in Nigeria

We have the qualifications and experience to understand your needs be these clinical, medical education or research. This puts us in a unique position to help. We do not just sell equipment, we understand the needs of those who will use them and what would work for them and hence help them find the best fit within their budget.

Personal Health Products

We aim to make personal health one of the cornerstones of our support for public health. The personal health market is a crowded one with new technologies which, if correctly worked, could offer huge benefits to the individual. Our entry is to bring the best and the standard of these products to our customers. We offer durability, accuracy and peace of mind with every product we sell. We represent only companies with proven reputation for manufacturing excellence and best practice.

We offer a range of personal health products from selected manufacturers with a reputation for high quality manufacturing. These products will give you peace of mind and long term performance. Over time, they will save you money and give you good returns on your initial investment

We market CE-certified, quality, clinically accurate, point of care, rapid diagnostic tests kits and devices for personal health. These products are designed for home use generally and are easy to use and understood. They include urine analysis, family planning tests, as well as rapid diagnostic tests to screen for infectious diseases and cancer markers.

Our product range include blood glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring devices from highly rated and trusted, NHS suppliers. These products help improve outcome by helping in the early recognition and diagnosis of disease or through disease monitoring and control where diagnosis has already been made and treatment has begun.

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Support for Healthcare Delivery

We support the delivery of a robust and sustainable healthcare by helping to integrate asset management and capital budget development. This enables a clear review to be made incorporating immediate and strategic capital equipment requirements based on proven models. This also provides needed visibility to the management of these capital investments over time


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