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Our Philosophy

At Radian Scientific Limited, we are passionate about supporting hospitals be they teachingr, state or private hospitals or clinics  in developing countries, We deeply appreciate the fact that support is central to today’s healthcare successes. We, therefore, support healthcare by helping to make equipment choices easier and by streamlining those key processes that lie within our remit which are important to your productivity.

We provide unbiased, key insights into your projects be they capital equipment purchases or process control. We identify and eliminate waste in your system to enable your processes run more efficiently and therefore turn good profit. We work with you to anticipate bottlenecks that may be hidden further down your purchasing orprocess control lines and offer solutions to them.

Radian Scientific Limited was founded particularly to assist enterprise and institutions with limited resources to buy more cost-effectively and therefore increase throughput, productivity and lower overheads. Many institutions or hospitals have suffered from a procurement system that left them with installations that did not exactly work even after commissioning for a number of unintentional reasons. We ensure that equipoments supplied meet CE and  relevant certification and deliver value and robustness


Radian Scientific Limited is able to provide cross-platform Services that would ensure that your capital equipment purchasing decisions, from the early planning and conceptual approaches, are taken based on sound product knowledge and well understood Statement of Specifications; and that these form the basis of equipment procurement. We also assure you of post-installation support, all available locally in Nigeria. Our healthcare Consultants are, also, well qualified and have significant experience to assist you in achieving your clinical and ethical objectives. This is our remit.



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Support for Healthcare Delivery

We support the delivery of a robust and sustainable healthcare by helping to integrate asset management and capital budget development. This enables a clear review to be made incorporating immediate and strategic capital equipment requirements based on proven models. This also provides needed visibility to the management of these capital investments over time


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