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We partner with reputable medical equipment manufacturers to provide healthcare solutions in the following sectors:

1.     ICU/ NICU solution

2.     Operating Room solution

3.     Radiology/ Imaging solution

4.     Cardiology solution

5.     Patient monitoring

6.     Labour room solution

7.     Laboratory solution

8.     Dental unit

9.     Ophthalmology unit

10.   ENT unit

Our partnerships provide our customers with proven, reliable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for their equipment needs We offer an additional layer of purchasing confidence at no extra cost. We ensure that the customer's needs are understood and are translated directly to the right specification. We s thus see sales from the customer's point of view and expectations.In other words, we provide leverage for our customers through our partnerships

We can source for and supply budget and fully functioning second hand equipment where these are requested. Installation, training and equipment maintenance and servicing can also be built into our procurement plans. What is more we can design a completely scalable, systematic approach to your healthcare equipment acquisitions


GE Echospeed Plus LX 1.5T MRI

1.5T CXK4 active shield short bore magnet. 
4 channel Phased array. Echospeed Plus gradients (33mT/120SR). 
Octane (green) CPU w/9.1 SW rev. level with Diffusion, MRA, and EPI. Contact us for more info. 
Coils included: CTL Spine, Head, Neck array, Neuro-Vascular array, Torso array, Shoulder, Wrist, Extremity, and Flex coil. 


GE Brightspeed 4-Slice CT

4-Slice Detector, 0.7 Second Scan
Compact Gantry Design, Patient Table
Performix 6.5Mhu X-Ray Tube, High Voltage Generator
Diagnostic Operators Console
Options: SmartPrep, 3000 Image Series, Helical Tilt, Power 440, Auto MA, 90KVA, SmartSpeed, 0.7 Speed, Direct 3D, Direct MPR, Connect Pro


GE Senographe 2000D Full Field Digital

19 x 23 cm Cassette, Diagnostic Console, Console with CD, October 2001 ONYX Upgrade, Tube replaced March 2003, 21 inch RWS Monitor, Keyboard "Console" CORH3, USFDA Sticker in 2000D QAP Quality Control Test for MQSA, QC Manual.


DIGITAL GE AMX 4 Mobile X-Ray System
Refurbished GE AMX 4 portable x-ray system featuring full digital capabilities with a wireless CR Reader system and large LCD touch screen display.

Ideal for the OR, ER, or while on rounds, the onboard CR reader and large touch-screen monitor gives clinical teams immediate image visualization to facilitate clinical decisions at point-of-care. View high resolution images immediately, and minimize time-consuming re-take trips.

View portable X-ray video


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Support for Healthcare Delivery

We support the delivery of a robust and sustainable healthcare by helping to integrate asset management and capital budget development. This enables a clear review to be made incorporating immediate and strategic capital equipment requirements based on proven models. This also provides needed visibility to the management of these capital investments over time


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